Automotive Locksmith Services

Are you locked outside of your car?
Have you stucked on the road and need roadside assistance?
Our expert automotive locksmiths can handle your vehicle key and lock related problems, which might happen while traveling in the car.

A problem can be anything ranging from losing the car keys, bent or broken key, and problems relating the ignition lock. Our locksmiths are trained, qualified, and professionals in offering the best locksmith services.

Car / Truck Lock Out

Whenever you are locked out and need to open your car or your truck, call (484) 602-2455 and we'll be there in 20 minutes or less, we guarantee fast services and customer satisfactory. We are serving all Lehigh Valley, PA, and surrounding area.

Chip Car Key

When a Chip Key, also known as a Transponder key is inserted into the vehicle ignition and turned to start, the vehicle's computer sends a radio signal to the transponder. The transponder must reply with a valid code, otherwise you will not be able to start the vehicle. Transponder keys are common for many newer cars.

When the key is turned in the ignition cylinder, the car's computer transmits a radio signal to the transponder circuit. The circuit has no battery; it is energized by the radio signal itself. The circuit typically has a computer chip that is programmed to respond by sending a coded signal back to the car's computer. If the circuit does not respond or if the code is incorrect, the engine will not start. Many cars immobilize if the wrong key is used by intruders. Chip Keys successfully protect cars from theft in two ways: forcing the ignition cylinder won't start the car, and the keys are difficult to duplicate. This is why chip keys are popular in modern cars and help decrease car theft.

Many people who have transponder keys, such as those which are part of Ford, are not aware of the fact because the circuit is hidden inside the plastic head of the key. On the other hand, General Motors produced what are known as VATS keys (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) during the 1990s, which are often erroneously believed to be transponders but actually use a simple resistor, which is visible in the blade of the key. If the electrical resistance of the resistor is wrong, or the key is a normal key without a resistor, the circuit of the car's electrical system will not allow the engine to get started.

We are the locksmith company that you can trust and access any time of the day for your every needs, including lost, stolen, or damaged transponder keys. We will provide you with the security of a new car key programmed specifically to your car. For a quick and reliable transponder key replacement or transponder key programming services, contact or call us now: (484) 602-2455

Ignition Cylinder Repair / Replacement

Need a locksmith for your car when an ignition problem occurs?
The smartest thing you can do in the event that your ignition lock start causing problems is to call an expert locksmith who is able immediately to respond to your emergency situation.

With top of the line expertise in ignition switch and key replacements, we can replace your car ignition on the spot (services available 24/7, depends on year, make, and mode). Our ignition replacement services are available whether your key is stuck or broken in the ignition, or the ignition don't turn,

A car locksmith's services can include but should not be limited to:

* Emergency Lockout Services ( car, van, truck, RV)
* Car Key Cutting
* Car Key Programming
* Extraction of Broken Key.
* Ignition Switch Repair
* Ignition Switch Replacement
* Trunk opening

And More....

Although you never know when your next auto locksmith emergency might occur, you can rest assured with Allentown Locksmith when you know we are available 24 hours a day. How can you be prepared for a sudden emergency situation as a car lockout, broken car key, or broken ignition lock that needs an immediate care? The answer is simple! Just save our Allentown locksmith phone number (484) 547-7345 on your cellular phone or have it handy so you can give us a quick call during an emergency time.

We are always here to help you with emergency roadside assistance. Feel free to call our 24 hour emergency car locksmith aervices.

We will be there and not leave until your problem is solved. We guarantee it.

Keep our numbers handy for the next time you may need assistance!

You can contact or call us at: (484)602-2455

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