Commercial Locksmith Services

Every business has different work hours, which is why our commercial locksmith services provide both emergency commercial locksmith and daily routine services around the clock.

Is your business secure as you'd like it to be? Do you need a business locksmith services? Allentown Locksmith provides the most ethical and professional locksmith services for commercial, industrial business clients. We offer these services to corporates, companies, shops, stalls, clubs, restaurants, hotels, shipping malls, and more. With a host of commercial ventures looking for better security and locking systems, Allentown Locksmith offer their services to help you keep your business safe.

With better technologies and advanced locking systems, commercial locks are no longer easy to pick. Anti pick locking systems are a rage now. If you are searching for a locksmith service that does not cost you a small fortune, but works professionally without disrupting the office working, maybe it is time to give us a call.

The key ingredient to our locksmith and security business is customer service - providing what you need when you need it. No matter the need, no matter the hour, we're always here when you need us!

To know more about our commercial locksmith services please contact us today.

Commercial Lock Re-key

What would you do if you fired one of your staff members and he/she leaves with the keys to your office? This is a serious security issues which you must take care as soon as possible. The best thing in e is to rekey your business locks.
This helps you prevent access of authorized persons to your business offices. Allentown Locksmith Services are professional in re-keying locks.

Commercial Lock Change

Are the locks of your business causing problems?
What is he status of the push bars on the doors of your business, is it hard to open?
Having the locks change, and general maintenance that done by a professional locksmith really is a better choice than doing it yourself for several reasons. The most important and obvious reason is the correct installation of the lock is what provides security and safety.

Having the job done by a professional locksmith means you do not have to have any tools and no frustration from time spent trying to do the job right. Choosing a professional locksmith also eliminates the possibility of costly damage during the job. The outcome will be a properly installed lock that looks good and does its job smoothly and well.

Master key system installation

Are you tired of carrying a bunch keys whenever you are going to work?
This is mainly because you have a lot of doors you need to access. You can reduce the loads and the stress of cramming which key is for which lock by installing master key systems. When you have multiple people and multiple properties, a master key system will give the right people access to the doors they are meant to have access to. With a master key system, you will access all your business offices with a single or two keys only. Master keys are best owned by business owners. This is to help you access all your business rooms without changing or rekeying the locks.

Our Commercial Locksmith Services Cover:

* Business Lockout
* Office Lock Out
* Warehouse Lock Out
* Garage Lock Out
* Storage Lock Out
* Safe Lock Out
* Commercial Door Knob
* Commercial Deadebolt
* Commercial Entry Lever
* Cylinder Lock Change
* Commercial Locks Replacement
* Commercial Locks Repair
* Garage Door Lock
* Rim Lock Lock
* Mortise Lock
* Push Bar / Panic Bar
* Keypad locks installation
* Panic bars and exit device
* Digital card locks installation

Looking for the right commercial locksmith is not easy. One needs to be sure that the locksmith company he has turned to possesses all the services and requirements one needs for his commercial business.

You know exactly what you need: you need to keep all the valuables commercial business possesses in a safe place, whether it is cash, important documents or valuable products. Not only that, but you also need to keep the doors to your business locked and opened on demand.

We are always here to help you with emergency roadside assistance. Feel free to call our 24 hours a day.

We will be there and not leave until your problem is solved. We guarantee it.

Keep our numbers handy for the next time you may need assistance!

You can call us at: (484) 602-2455

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